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Lamasko X-Pert Kennels' specialization is the X-Pert bloodline, one of oldest bloodlines in this breed. The first thing you will notice, when you see Lamasko dog, is it's true staf temperament.

Lamasko stafs are well balanced, medium size dogs. As tradition in this bloodline, Lamasko dogs have large teeth, full complect, perfect bite. 

Located in Russia, Lamasko X-Pert is one of a few kennels who continue Ormsby's X-Pert bloodline today.

A lot of information about Ormsby's and the X-pert bloodline is placed on our other web site "World of X-Pert", web site of the X-Pert bloodline.

Svetlana Korina





32 generations preceding our Lamasko Captain, 2014

Traced back to the mid of the 19-th century! Enjoy!




CH Lamasko Ringleader, 2007

Sire of Captain


Lamasko Napoleon, 2004

Sire of "Timosha"


CH Bogancs Szedo Emir, 1994

Sire of "Nappa"


Essex X-Pert Tango, 1990

Sire of "Emir"


CH Essex Black Szabo, 1988

Sire of "Tango"


CH X-Pert Sligo's Tony, 1980

Sire of "Szabo"


CH X-Pert Lady Charo, 1976

Dam of "Tony"  


X-Pert Black Nellie, 1971

Dam of "Charo"


CH X-Pert Biff's Shadow, 1959

Sire of "Nellie"


CH X-Pert Deep Onyx, 1954

Dam of "Shadow"


CH X-Pert Brindle Biff, 1946

Sire of "Onyx"


X-Pert Black Ace II, 1939

Sire of "Biff"


X-Pert Black Ace, 1937

Sire of "Ace II"


X-Pert Black Shine, 1935

Sire of "Ace"


X-Pert Black Jack, 1933

Sire of "Shine"


X-Pert Torpedo, 1929

Sire of "Jack"


VanVliet's Great Labelle, 1927

Bred by Hart. Strong Black Jack pedigree with some Dugan Pat blood. Dam Of the X-Pert foundation dog.


Dam of "Torpedo"


Tudor's King

Earl Tudor's dog. Strong Black Jack pedigree. Was used many times for breeding.


Sire of "Labelle"


Tudor's Jack II

Sire of "King"


Tudor's Black Jack 16xW, 1917

Sire of "Jack II"

Blackwell's Mollie W

Doublebred King Paddy daughter. One of the heaviest Pilot blood of that time.


Dam of "BlackJack"


Swineford's King Paddy, 1909

Sire of "Mollie"

Delihant's Paddy 5xW, 1900

Sire of "King Paddy"

Delihant's Crazy Kate 5xW

 5xW  bitch for W.T.Delihant. Bred by Dr. Propeck. Heavybred Pilot bitch. Conditioned weight 24 lbs.

Dam of "Paddy"


Thornton's Brooks, 1890

Tony Thornton's dog out of Ohara bred bitch.

Sire of "Kate"


Thornton's The Pig, 1886

Charlie Lloyd's breeding of two English imports, Pilot and Pansy. Was owned by Tony Thornton.

Sire of "Brooks"


Lloyd's Pilot, 1878

Sire of "Pig"

Small's Billy

English dog. Bred by Tom Parson. Was owned by Richard Small. 

Sire of "Pilot"


Parson's Beauty

English bitch. Was owned by Tom Parson.

Dam of "Billy"


Beaver's Joey

English dog. Was owned by T.Beaver

Sire of "Beauty"



Inseley's Bear Dog

English dog. Bred by Sam Cooper. Was owned by Joseph Inseley.

Sire of "Joey", Son Of "Captain"


Cooper's Captain 6xW

English dog. Bred by Fred Evens. 6 times winner in Sam Cooper hands. Conditioned Weight 32-36 lbs. Captain was from famous Evens strain. Harry Jennings, Charlie Lloyd had some imported dogs of this strain.

Mid of 19-th century